Sur Simran Sangeet Indian Music  Academy, New Jersey

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This page contains links to web sites and free software that may be interesting and useful to music students.

Audacity - Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.  It does multi track recording, and it's great for putting parts together because you can edit the sounds visually.  You can also use it to slow down and change the pitch of recordings, so that they're easier to learn.  It's one of the best learning tools available, and it's powerful enough to create commercial recordings - even full length albums.  It's a very small download, and it runs on virtually any computer platform.

AP Tuner  - A great free software tuner!  This one works better than most hardware tuners that you buy at a music store.   It's shareware, but it's not disabled in any way.  Excellent for tuning sitars, tablas and as a pitch pipe for voice. 

PitchLab Pro. - A simpler and easier tool to tune the instruments. You can download an app on your phone that identifies the frequency of strings and use it to see the frequency of the surs on the main strings and then use that frequency to tune the other strings in the below manner. It’s a free app for android phones that does the job pretty well.